Christine Henry Andresen represents clients interested in adopting a child.

Circumstances vary. Sometimes the child is a relative, like a grandchild. Sometimes one parent has already adopted, perhaps through a CPS situation, and a second-parent adoption is needed. (For more about same sex, second-parent adoptions, see Christine's LGBT Law page.)

Step-parent adoptions. Interstate adoptions, also known as ICPC adoptions.

CHA Law has experience with all of these arrangements.

Sometimes the biological parents are in agreement with your adoption and it’s mostly paperwork and an easy uncontested hearing. Sometimes one or more of the biological parents are not in agreement and there needs to be a contested hearing, like a trial.

Especially in the family member context, a family member might come to the office to talk adoption and after a consultation, decide that joint managing conservatorship (shared custody) or even power of attorney to make health/educational decisions is what’s best.

It all depends on your individual circumstances. Contact CHA Law to talk about whether adoption is the best option for your family and how Texas adoption law applies to you.


“We felt it was such a privilege to work with Christine Henry Andresen. Two thumbs up, and one of the best attorneys in Austin.”

    Adoption Client

"Christine helped my wife and I navigate the legal complexities of bringing a child into the world through a surrogate and adoption. She showed great empathy toward us as well as excellent knowledge of the legal steps and requirements...A beautiful baby girl is now completely ours, not only in our hearts, but also in the eyes of the government. Thank you Christine!"

    Adoption Client