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Christine Henry Andresen is a family law attorney in Austin, with wide-ranging experience in both traditional and non-traditional family-building, family-securing and family-rearranging. Specifically, the areas of family law in which Christine practices are: reproductive law—adoption law, gestational law, surrogacy law, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART); LGBT family law; divorce; child custody; and child welfare (CPS cases). CHA Law Group also specializes in will and estate planning for clients, whether they are single, married, gay, straight, trans, parents, or dog-lovers.

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I am extremely happy to say that Christine is my attorney. She and her team truly care about every aspect of the case. I see this in all of the communication (massive amounts), in calming my fears, in allowing me to vent, in making sure that my family is doing ok. It has meant a lot to us, the amount of care that Christine and team have given.… I can especially recommend her to fathers trying to navigate the Texas system. Be completely open with her and she will fiercely go to work for you. Gabe
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